Scientific Toolworks Understand 2.6.581 (x86/x64)

10 Сен

Scientific Toolworks Understand - пакет для аналитической работы с исходными кодами для множества языков: C, C++, C#, Ada, Java, Pascal, JOVIAL, VHDL, FORTRAN, PL/M, PHP, HTML, CSS, javascript.

Understand is a cross-platform, multi-language, maintenance-oriented IDE (interactive development environment). It is designed to help maintain and understand large amounts of legacy or newly-created source code. The source code analyzed may include Ada, C++, C#, FORTRAN, Java, JOVIAL, and/or Delphi/Pascal.
It offers code navigation using a detailed cross-reference, a syntax-colorizing “smart” editor, and a variety of graphical reverse engineering views.
Understand creates a repository of the relations and structures contained within the software project. The repository is then used to learn about the source code.


Метки: 10.09.2011